Let’s Start Again

I first started my own blog just under 2 years ago. I say blog but it was more of an online diary for myself! I had no followers, I shared no links, infact, Im the only person who knew it existed which in many cases could be the same for this one.

My ‘blogs’ were uploaded on a different site which of course now…is no more!

Everything I do online is normally backed up at least 3 times. I don’t like losing things so it irks me that something as important to me as these were, I didn’t think to take the care I should have!

I originally started writing as a way of helping me deal with a certain situation I was faced with at the time (we will go into this later), and as above, it was purely for me to have somewhere to release my feelings, to vent, to be able to look back and see how far I had come from a time that seemed impossible to move on from. This did cause me to wonder, however, how much your experiences, thoughts, words and advice can be so relate-able to other people. So this time, whilst still personal I thought I would try and broaden my thoughts on more everyday experiences and lifestyle changes I find my self set against.

Love Stacey x



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